Bearings industry


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Bearings industry Bearing is an English word and is actually composed of two words ball and bearing, which in Persian word means ball bearing. The history of bearings, like the history of many human inventions and innovations, is tied to the time of early humans and, of course, his efforts to have an easier life. The study of the history of bearings goes back to the history and invention of the wheel as one of human successes. Perhaps the invention of wheels and bearings, along with the invention of fire and electricity, is one of the few important and outstanding human inventions that has been able to play a significant role in the industry, so much so that it is undoubtedly an absurd idea to imagine an industry without bearings. Production and sale of bearings, in fact, the sale of tools that facilitate transportation and transfer of movement from one body to another. It is in the shadow of the bearing industry that large objects, mechanical devices, and wheels of cars and heavy vehicles can be moved easily and smoothly. Due to the bearing manufacturing industry, engineers and craftsmen use rotation instead of abrasion to transport and move heavy objects by reducing and minimizing friction. The footprint of the bearing manufacturing and sales industry can be seen in abundance in our daily environment and around us. Motor coolers, hard disks, swivel chairs, toys, amusement rides, swivel chairs, etc. These are all devices whose lifeblood depends on the bearing industry.